The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative is a voluntary initiative that promotes resource revenue transparency. Trinidad and Tobago is one of 54 member countries. But what exactly does the TTEITI Report?


Trinidad & Tobago EITI Report (Full): This report is compiled by an Independent Administrator/Auditor and includes reconciliation of oil, gas or mining company payments compared to Government receipts, contextual data on the extractive sectors and recommendations to improve revenue collection, data management and audit and assurance systems. Understanding of the extractive sector of the country, the reconciled accounting information, recommendations made in order to improve the reporting process etc.


Trinidad & Tobago EITI Report (Summary): This report is a summarized version of the full report. The major findings are extracted from the full report and used to compile the Summary report. The Summary report attempts to simplify these findings so they can resonate with the man and woman in the street.


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