Why Civil Society?


All citizens of Trinidad and Tobago have the absolute right of access to information regarding the use of its natural resources and the right to be meaningfully included in the decision-making process.


Five (5) civil society organizations/champions actively work on our Board to promote transparency and accountability in T&T’s oil, gas and mining sectors. We encourage all civil society organizations to let their voices be heard through the EITI.


Why should you care about the oil, gas and minerals?


·   … because these resources are owned in common by all citizens. 

As the owners, you elect the government to manage the resources on your behalf. Managing the resources means ensuring that T&T receives the most revenue from its resources and that the government collects all revenues owed to it by extractive companies. It also means that the government should spend resource revenues in the best possible way on sustainable projects to benefit all.


·   …because as the owner, you have a role to play in ensuring that the resources are used in a way that protects the national interest.

Even with the best of intentions, governments are not always able to fully manage and negotiate profit splits, taxes (etc.) with the large multi-national companies that dominate the oil and gas sectors. Country experience shows that there are often loopholes in contracts that can be exploited to the disadvantage of the country.


·   …because your current and future wellbeing depends heavily on the wealth generated by the sector.

How much oil and gas do we have left? How long can we rely on oil and gas as a viable source of revenue? These are important questions because the energy sector has been largely responsible for the country’s development. The sector contributes the most to government revenues and it generates significant foreign exchange when oil and gas are exported.